Send us your plans and we will send you a ballpark estimate for your layout. We made this easy and reliable, so why not get an idea of our pricing now?


We have two design plans to choose from and made it easy for you to get started and signup:

  1. The $299 Unlimited Design plan is perfect if you need to start your design from scratch.
  2. The $39 MODification Plan is a great choice if you have a completed professional design and you want to convert and modify it to the cabinet options that Mod offers.


The Mod Cabinetry catalog is built on the principle of simplicity. We have a curated catalog of modular cabinet units giving you unlimited design options that are clean-lined, purposeful and consistent. We like that.


Mod Cabinetry is built using European Frameless construction, and we would not have it any other way. Since Frameless cabinets do not have a “frame” in between each door and drawer as with “framed style cabinets” you get clean lines and 15% more storage.

Modular Stackable Cabinet System


With our modular stackable cabinet system, the sky is the limit! Our stackable liftups with durable Blum hinges give you that that quintessential modern look. You can also stack our standard hinge cabinets for a more transitional look. Either way, everything fits together superbly.


We ship your new Mod Cabinets all perfectly assembled and built. Yes! the cabinets and drawer boxes are completely built and assembled in our USA factory. No need to pay your installer to fuss with instructions, screws or lost pieces as with RTA Cabinets (Ready to Assemble). Open the box and install the cabinets, it’s that easy. Not only will it save your contractor time and headache, factory assembled cabinets use strong I-beams, screws, glue, and dowels which is a more secure and square cabinet. This results into a definitively stronger cabinet, just what we want to stand for.

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