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Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Modern grey kitchen cabinets are a unique way to spruce up your kitchen. They redefine style in a part of the home traditionally decorated with white and brown palettes. While some homeowners may dismiss grey as a dull or depressing hue, the opposite is true when paired with brighter colors like warm-colored flooring and ceilings. 

It is possible for a Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets to be far from dull if other colors are matched. The gray cabinets in the kitchen tend to create anticipation for other things in the kitchen. You are immediately attracted to the gray color in the kitchen, not to mention the floor, countertops, and backsplash.

The color gray makes other elements of your kitchen décor stand out more. Instead of a boring kitchen, gray will make it more interesting. Modern grey kitchen cabinets essentially serve as a mood amplifier that brings out the best in the rest of your kitchen, blending neutrality and warmth to provide a tranquil ambiance.

The Benefits of Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Modern grey kitchen cabinets are often associated with classy and modern residencies such as high-end condos and luxury resorts. These installations immediately create an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality, which optimizes the appeal of a kitchen.  

1. Don’t show dirt

White cabinets look nice, and they’ve dominated the design world for a long time. Although I personally own white cabinets in my own kitchen, I understand that they have some drawbacks: Smudges, stains, and liquid droplets stand out against the white. Cabinets in gray tones can be a bit forgiving.

2. Are versatile

Gray is a color that is actually incredibly versatile, even though some may perceive it as boring or neutral. Greys with blue undertones are appropriate for spaces with cooler tones, and then there is French gray, which has warmer tones and can read almost olive. You can find a French gray that pairs well with warmer colors, or grays with hints of green or purple for a bolder statement.

3. Look good with a variety of countertops

In general, you’ll see gray cabinets paired with marble or solid surface countertops, which is not surprising since those are two very popular countertop materials. However, gray cabinets also pair beautifully with butcher block or even laminate, if you are looking for a more affordable solution.

4. Will stand the test of time

The Scandinavians are certainly known for their high level of design, which is why gray cabinets are so common in Scandinavian kitchens. Gray cabinets have been around for quite some time, and their popularity has continued to grow shows no signs of slowing. One reason for this might be their versatility: They aren’t too trendy for a traditional kitchen, but still unique enough to hold their own in a contemporary space. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and want a color that’s stylish and will last for years, gray might be the color for you.

5. Easy Maintenance

The subtlety of modern grey cabinets makes stains and blemishes less noticeable than other lighter colors. It will be easy for you to keep grey kitchen cabinets looking clean and fresh, without constantly scrubbing at the finish or replacing the doors altogether. 

6. Highly Versatile Design 

Understated grey cabinets complement almost any type of decor and color scheme, making it easy to mix and match to achieve stunning results. In the long run, homeowners may conveniently remodel their kitchen while keeping their modern grey cabinets knowing they will complement most styles. 

7. Lighting Effects

The shades of modern grey kitchen cabinets reflect light to create varied effects according to lightbulb intensity. Homeowners may create an array of desired appearances and moods from a single grey cabinet by cycling through kitchen lighting. These can include cool bluish tones that offer a sense of relaxation or an ashy effect with an ultramodern allure.


Are you here for modern grey Kitchen Cabinets? We have 32 Modern Greys for you to choose from. See our entire collection of Grey samples. Want a breakdown? See Painted options in Naturals. See Acrylic Grey options in Euro and see Grey Thermofoil options in Bylder. Order samples today and see them in your home in just a few days.

Whether it’s an all Grey kitchen or two-tone cabinets using a Modern White you can start with visualizing your cabinets and get pricing by having a Mod Cabinetry certified designer plan your White Kitchen. Sign up today and we’ll start working with you on your Modern Grey Kitchen right away.

LINES THAT OFFER Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t see the right Grey?  Choose any grey from Sherwin Williams for a custom paint color in the Naturals Line. Custom color process is a $1400 add-on fee.

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Naturals By Mod Cabinetry



With customizations, faster lead-times and lower pricing, Naturals is a perfect alternative to local custom cabinetry.

  • Walnut, Rift Oak, Painted, Maple, Alder and Cherry
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Customizations
  • Touch Latch options
  • Blum Hardware Throughout
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Fully assembled 
  • See current leadtimes



With faster lead-times and lower pricing, Euro is a perfect alternative to import European cabinets.

  • Euro High Gloss, Matte and Textured finishes
  • Want handles? Check out Arda option
  • Want handleless with aluminum channels? Check out Segmento option
  • Want handleless with integrated pulls? Check out Curva option
  • Minimal Customizations
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully Assembled
  • See current leadtimes



With a larger catalog of options, modifications, plywood casework, Bylder is a perfect alternative to IKEA.



With lighting fast lead-times quality European made parts, Stockt is a perfect alternative to stocked cabinets imported from China

START DESIGNING YOUR Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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FREE ESTIMATE  For your Kitchen or Spaces Cabinetry

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Mod certified designers are experts at high-end modern design. These are not your big-box store or classic kitchen designers. They are superheroes of modern design principles. Clean lines, flush look, and unique symmetry are just some of their superpowers. Hire us to design the layout of your Mod Cabinetry kitchen.


We use state-of-the-art rendering and panoramic software to give you the absolute best impression of what your cabinetry will look like before you buy. Our Plus and Primo design plans come complete with photorealistic renderings and a room walk-through. Go ahead, click the yellow bull’s-eye and give it a try!

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Our Mod certified designers work with you on your terms. No hard sells, showroom hopping, or big-box stores. Whether we are converting your professionally made plans or starting from scratch, we listen and are just one click away on your own design dashboard.


Use our FREE planner and design your kitchen using our curated catalog. See for yourself how you can lay out your kitchen, add appliances, and visualize it all in color renderings based on your selected finish.

Layout + Price Mod Cabinetry
Layout + Price Mod Cabinetry for single area: 1. Butler’s Pantry 2. Islands 3. Kitchenette 4. Laundry Room 5. Home Bar 6. Mudroom 7. Garage Storage 8. Home Office 9. Basement Kitchenette 10. Breakroom Kitchenettes
Size Modification (Width, Depth, Height)
Floor plan, elevations and renderings
Up to $25 in samples purchased rebated upon cabinet purchase
First draft 3-5 Business Days after kick off meeting. Rush Fee Option.


We tailor our flexible modern kitchen design plans to meet a wide range of design needs. We don’t believe you should have to pay thousands of dollars for high-end European design. All plans include color renderings, floor plan, elevations, and line item pricing. Our plans also include a photorealistic rendering and panoramic walk-through.


When you sign up get instant access to your Project Portal which is your collaboration portal which so much mightier than email with these features:
1. Mark-up and/or video over draft design, photos and documents with your comments
2. Keep files tidy in a repository and have threaded conversations that are easy to find
3. Keep in touch with anyone on your Mod Team
4. Set up screen share calls
5. And so much more!