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Kitchenette Cabinets

Homeowners are increasingly remodeling their homes to add extra space and increase functionality, perhaps for kids or relatives moving back in or entertaining friends or family members. And, kitchenettes are all the rage, whether you’re remodeling a rec room, an extra living area, or entertainment space. So, the riddle begins here, do you need cabinets for your Kitchenette or is a small Kitchen? Both of these terms are probably familiar to you, but what makes them different? Kitchenettes are much smaller than kitchens, and because there isn’t enough space in a kitchenette, full-sized appliances almost never find their way into one. There are probably only one or two cabinets and a limited amount of countertop space. Most kitchenettes have only a few essential appliances, such as a microwave, a toaster oven, a hot plate, and a small refrigerator. The majority of kitchenettes do not have stovetops or ovens.

 Meanwhile, every standard kitchen includes a stove top, a sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a few other electric appliances. It is still possible to have all of these things in a small kitchen

Kitchenettes, being so small, force you to take advantage of every square inch, so they’re usually very functional and practical. Additionally, due to their small size, they can be easily integrated into a pool house, basement, etc.

A kitchenette has more advantages than you might think. They require very little maintenance. Occasionally brush off the dust and wash the sink. Anyone who wants to avoid having to clean their house every week will love this service. In addition, you can easily find good recipes online that require only a microwave and a one-burner hot plate

Additionally, there are several kitchen appliances that are suitable for apartment-size kitchenettes that can improve your quality of life. Electric kettles, for example, are essential. A fairly inexpensive device, it boils water three times more quickly than a hotplate or microwave. In addition, you can prepare a lot of healthy recipes in no time with the food steamer, which not only makes life easier but is also easy to use. For coffee lovers, brew a nice cup of Joe with a French press that’s so good you won’t need expensive coffee shop coffee ever again. You can always install an apartment-sized oven if you like to cook a lot.

Benefits of Kitchenettes

Mod Cabinetry for Kitchenette, kitchenette

Even if you have a full-size kitchen, this complementary space can serve many purposes. Kitchenettes give you extra space and convenience for preparing everything from light snacks to full meals, and they give your guests or tenants the privacy to store and prepare food in their own space.

Kitchenette cabinets offer valuable space-saving storage room for all kinds of kitchen utensils, appliances, and food items. Depending on what you’ll use it for, you can choose from a wide variety of kitchenette cabinets, including sink base cabinets, counter cabinets with drawers, wall cabinets, and even pantry or closet units.

Base and counter cabinets are ideal for storing larger items like extra pots and pans and kitchen appliances that you don’t use every day. Drawers are perfect for utensils and cutlery, while wall and pantry cabinets are great for storing canned goods, snacks, and other supplies. Closet units help clear clutter by keeping brooms, scrub brushes, and other cleaning materials out of the way.

When you’re making plans for your next remodel, don’t forget to add plenty of convenient, space-saving kitchenette cabinets to your brand new kitchenette. 

Kitchenette cabinets and layout must and nice to-haves:

  1. Hotplate with one or two burners
  2. Kettle
  3. Microwave
  4. Dorm refrigerator
  5. Countertop food steamer
  6. French Press
  7. Tiny build in oven
  8. Stack the cabinets tall for added storage

With the understanding you now have of a kitchenette, you can decide whether you really need a full-sized kitchen or if a small kitchenette will do the job. Would you be content with less space for less money, or does the chef in you need all those drawers and appliances? 

Mod Cabinetry offers kitchenette cabinets and design services. Start your visualization with a Mod Certified Designer who will help you come up with a tiny kitchenette plan that allow give you the most in a small package. Take a look at the Bylder by Mod Cabinetry, Euro by Mod Cabinetry, and Naturals by Mod Cabinetry lines for breathtaking kitchenette cabinet style.

Kitchenette Cabinet Options

Which Style is Right for You?

Check the modern cabinet options from Mod Cabinetry

Mod Cabinetry for Kitchenette, kitchenette



With customizations, faster lead-times and lower pricing, Naturals is a perfect alternative to local custom cabinetry.

  • Walnut, Rift Oak, Painted, Maple, Alder and Cherry
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Customizations
  • Touch Latch options
  • Blum Hardware Throughout
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Fully assembled 
  • Shaker, Slim Shaker and Slab Door Style
  • See current leadtimes
Mod Cabinetry for Kitchenette, kitchenette



With modification, trending door styles, and impressive pricing Naturals Express is a perfect alternative to Big Box Store Cabinetry.

  • Rift Oak, Painted, Maple, Rustic Beech, and Cherry finishes
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Modifications
  • Blum and Richelieu Hardware
  • Slim Shaker, Wide Shaker, and Slab Door Styles
  • Fully assembled
  • See current leadtime
Mod Cabinetry for Kitchenette, kitchenette



With faster lead-times and lower pricing, Euro is a perfect alternative to import European cabinets.

  • Euro High Gloss, Matte and Textured finishes
  • Want handles? Check out Arda option
  • Want handleless with aluminum channels? Check out Segmento option
  • Want handleless with integrated pulls? Check out Curva option
  • Minimal Customizations
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully Assembled
  • Slab Door Style
  • See current leadtimes
Mod Cabinetry for Kitchenette, kitchenette



With a larger catalog of options, modifications, plywood casework, Bylder is a perfect alternative to IKEA.

Started Designing Your Kitchenette

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Mod certified designers are experts at high-end modern design. These are not your big-box store or classic kitchen designers. They are superheroes of modern design principles. Clean lines, flush look, and unique symmetry are just some of their superpowers. Hire us to design the layout of your Mod Cabinetry kitchen.


Our Mod certified designers work with you on your terms. No hard sells, showroom hopping, or big-box stores. Whether we are converting your professionally made plans or starting from scratch, we listen and are just one click away on your own design dashboard.


Use our FREE planner and design your kitchen using our curated catalog. See for yourself how you can lay out your kitchen, add appliances, and visualize it all in color renderings based on your selected finish.

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We tailor our flexible modern kitchen design plans to meet a wide range of design needs. We don’t believe you should have to pay thousands of dollars for high-end European design. All plans include color renderings, floor plan, elevations, and line item pricing. Our plans also include a photorealistic rendering and panoramic walk-through.


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