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Butler’s Pantry

When you hear the term “butler’s pantry,” you might imagine something found in a high-end home a hundred years ago. Today, the butler’s pantry is quickly becoming an essential in modern homes.  A modern butler’s pantry may not have tuxedo-clad stewards or an extensive collection of antique kitchenware, but there are still many reasons why this space has become a favorite among a wide range of homeowners. It was once common for butlers to keep the family’s heirlooms under lock and key in the pantry, where they stocked silver, china, and large serving dishes. A butler’s pantry is a transitional cabinet space built between the kitchen and dining room, and despite the pantry label, it’s meant to be more functional than a traditional pantry. A pantry is primarily used to store shelf items, such as flour or canned goods. However, a butler’s pantry is used for much more, like storing plated food during parties, simple food preparation, and small appliance storage. And the best thing about having a Butler’s Pantry is that cleanup can be handled later, while the clutter and mess are kept out of sight. Your butler’s pantry is primarily intended to help you retain a more organized and cleaner main kitchen on a day-to-day basis


 As an alternative to a regular pantry, a butler’s pantry can be thought of as an upgraded version. A Butler’s pantry can be considered an extension of your kitchen as opposed to a typical pantry that is only for storage items, such as flour or canned goods. However, a butler’s pantry is used for much more, like storing plated food during parties, simple food preparation, and small appliance storage and they feel like a part of your home. 

Benefits of a Butler’s Pantry

Mod Cabinetry for Butler's Pantry

A butler’s pantry is ideal for storing food items that you want readily accessible, like party snacks. During social gatherings, it’s the perfect place for holding that extra bowl of chips, a backup platter of cheese and crackers, or a spare tray of canapes until they’re needed. 

A butler’s pantry is an ideal solution for saving counter space, especially when you’re entertaining. You can keep bulky counter appliances in butler’s pantry cabinets, like ice makers, brewing equipment, blenders, and more. Your butler’s pantry can become a customized coffee or tea bar or a mixed drink station at a moment’s notice.

A butler’s pantry strategically placed between the dining room and kitchen gives you the opportunity to store the things you need without having to go all the way into the kitchen to get them. Once you have a butler’s pantry, you’ll be amazed at how convenient it is for all your dining, entertainment, and storage needs.

What to add to your Butler’s Pantry

  1. A Microwave
  2. Toaster
  3. Coffee Or Espresso Maker
  4. Blender
  5. Ice Maker
  6. Wine Cooler
  7. Food Processor
  8. Stand Mixer
  9. Dish Washer
  10. Steam Oven
  11. Or Anything Else That You Love, But Don’t Use Every Day

Mod Cabinetry offers cabinets that can be used for your Butlers Pantry and Butler Pantry design services. Start your visualization with a Mod Certified Designer who will help you come up with an affordable Butler Pantry design that allows you and your family to entertain and stay organized with ease. A butler’s pantry is the perfect addition to your party-planning skill set. Check out the Bylder by Mod Cabinetry, Euro by Mod Cabinetry, and Naturals by Mod Cabinetry lines for chic, modern butler’s pantry cabinets.

Mod Cabinetry Options

Which Style is Right for You?

Check the modern cabinet options from Mod Cabinetry

Mod Cabinetry for Butler's Pantry



With customizations, faster lead-times and lower pricing, Naturals is a perfect alternative to local custom cabinetry.

  • Walnut, Rift Oak, Painted, Maple, Alder and Cherry
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Customizations
  • Touch Latch options
  • Blum Hardware Throughout
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Fully assembled 
  • Shaker, Slim Shaker and Slab Door Style
  • See current leadtimes
Mod Cabinetry for Butler's Pantry



With modification, trending door styles, and impressive pricing Naturals Express is a perfect alternative to Big Box Store Cabinetry.

  • Rift Oak, Painted, Maple, Rustic Beech, and Cherry finishes
  • All Wood
  • All USA made
  • Modifications
  • Blum and Richelieu Hardware
  • Slim Shaker, Wide Shaker, and Slab Door Styles
  • Fully assembled
  • See current leadtime
Mod Cabinetry for Butler's Pantry



With faster lead-times and lower pricing, Euro is a perfect alternative to import European cabinets.

  • Euro High Gloss, Matte and Textured finishes
  • Want handles? Check out Arda option
  • Want handleless with aluminum channels? Check out Segmento option
  • Want handleless with integrated pulls? Check out Curva option
  • Minimal Customizations
  • Made in Europe
  • Fully Assembled
  • Slab Door Style
  • See current leadtimes
Mod Cabinetry for Butler's Pantry



With a larger catalog of options, modifications, plywood casework, Bylder is a perfect alternative to IKEA.

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We tailor our flexible modern kitchen design plans to meet a wide range of design needs. We don’t believe you should have to pay thousands of dollars for high-end European design. All plans include color renderings, floor plan, elevations, and line item pricing. Our plans also include a photorealistic rendering and panoramic walk-through.


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