Fabulous Design Options

Modern, Contemporary or Transitional Designs

  • European Frameless Construction
  • Clean lines and 15% more storage space
  • We paint real wood, not MDF
  • Painted Maple in any color plus all the whites
  • Woods include walnut, cherry, maple and alder
  • Choose from dozens of stains or natural finishes
  • High-gloss laminate, thermofoil, or textured structured surface
  • Many great colors and textures to choose from


The Mod Cabinetry catalog is built on the principle of simplicity. We have a curated catalog of modular cabinet units giving you unlimited design options that are clean-lined, purposeful and consistent. We like that.


Mod Cabinetry is built using European Frameless construction, and we would not have it any other way. Since Frameless cabinets do not have a “frame” in between each door and drawer as with “framed style cabinets” you get clean lines and 15% more storage.


With our modular stackable cabinet system, the sky is the limit! Our stackable liftups with durable Blum hinges give you that that quintessential modern look. You can also stack our standard hinge cabinets for a more transitional look. Either way, everything fits together superbly.


We finish Mod Cabinetry off with 3/4″ applied end panels which are mounted onto exposed cabinet side at the end of a run. This option gives the cabinets very clean lines and a finished look.


For that contemporary and transitional look, you will love our light rail and crown moldings. They are flush with your cabinet doors giving you modern clean lines. They are also square, which means you don’t have that old fashioned ornate look. Clean and simple.

$299 Flat Fee Mod Cabinetry Design

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