Are you in a hurry? Need measurement services? Have an extra bathroom or laundry room to layout and price? We’ve got a plan for that, too.

Rush Fee
In a hurry and need to get fast tracked to get your order in within a week?
We fast track your layout and pricing so you can order within a week (Some limitations apply)
Upgrade to $399 Master Plan
Upgrade from $199 Standard to $399 Master Plan
Get 1 more revisions
Get Master Designer support
Customize cabinets for flush appliances
Get semi custom cabinet options
Extra Revisions
Need to add on revisions?
Add on design revision
Plus Plan
Primo Plan
Measuring Service
In the Bay Area and want in-home measurment?
SF Bay Area Only
Layout and dimensions
Ceiling height
Window sizing locations
Door sizing and locations
Plumbing & Gas location