Hello! Here’s Why We Exist and How We’ll Create Your Dream Kitchen Together

Vision Statement

At Mod Cabinetry, our vision is to transform the way people experience their living spaces by providing modern, high-quality, and stunning cabinetry solutions that fuse timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality. We aim to be the leading choice for homeowners and designers seeking innovative, customizable, and affordable cabinetry, making luxury accessible to all.

Mission Statement

At Mod Cabinetry, our mission is to create high-quality, custom cabinetry that transforms spaces into reflections of personal style and functionality. We are committed to offering a wide range of customizable options at fair and competitive prices, ensuring that our customers receive the best value without compromising on quality or design. Through innovative practices and a dedication to craftsmanship, we aim to deliver products that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe in fostering a seamless, enjoyable experience from design to delivery, empowering homeowners and designers to achieve their vision with confidence.

Mod Cabinetry for

Civility Code Statement

At Mod Cabinetry, we firmly believe that civility and decency in all transactions among both customers and employees alike. This principle serve as the foundation for outstanding customer service and excellent outcomes. In every interaction, we treat our clients and their contractors with the utmost professionalism and courtesy and expect the same in return. Home improvement projects can frequently result in stress, leading customers to unintentionally show this tension in their daily interactions, including with their service providers. To address this, Mod Cabinetry has adopted the Civility Code as outlined by the Civility Code Initiative (CCI) to set the expectation of the cornerstone of our business practices. CCI’s goal is transforming customer interactions to foster a culture of civility and decency in business transactions.

The Civility Code 

“Our guiding principle is simple yet powerful: Civility puts the Good in Business. It’s the foundation of our interactions, fostering decency and cooperation in every exchange.”

How we uphold the Civility Code:

This is a shared journey, accomplished through the active participation of our customers and the unwavering commitment of our employees. By inviting our customers to engage in this ethos and having our team pledge to uphold these standards, we foster a culture where courtesy and collaboration are at the forefront of every interaction.

You, the Customer and Contractors

Our goal is to experience decency and civility in all interactions and have a workplace where employees can fulfill their duties without rudeness, intimidation, mistreatment, hostility or incivility of any kind. Here’s how we achieve this goal together. During interactions, whether through calls, messaging, emails, or in person, let’s maintain professionalism. Please refrain from engaging in any actions or behaviors that could reasonably be interpreted as abusive, aggressive, inappropriate, disruptive, or uncivil. This includes:

  1. Rudeness-Displaying disrespectful or discourteous behavior
  2. Disruptive Demands-Making requests or engaging in behaviors that are excessive and disruptive. Examples include:
  • Demanding responses within unreasonable timescales.
  • Insisting on interacting only with specific staff members.
  • Contacting multiple people or third parties with the same demands.
  1. Bullying – Engaging in repeated, harmful actions aimed at demeaning, humiliating, or intimidating someone, such as making remarks about competence or using  disparaging language.
  2. Verbal Abuse- Using language that is threatening, derogatory, or offensive, including insults, name-calling, or demeaning comments.
  3. Threats-Issuing any form of threats, whether direct or implied. For example, leveraging legal or financial actions, along with negative reviews, to influence a desired response or specific outcomes.
  4. Aggressive Language or Actions-Engaging in behavior intended to intimidate, provoke, or cause fear, such as raised voice, shouting, swearing, or making inflammatory statements.
  5. Malicious Allegations-Making false or harmful allegations about the products we sell. Including but not limited mischaracterizing quality, blaming the product for contractor errors, exaggerating a claim, and/or creating cluster claims as a negotiating tool. 
  6. Physical Violence-Attempting or committing acts of physical harm, including pushing, shoving, or other forms of physical aggression.
  7. Discriminatory Remarks-Making racial, sexual, or any other discriminatory remarks, implications, or gestures.
  8. Damage to Property-Attempting or causing damage to Mod Cabinetry’s property or the personal belongings of staff or customers.

At Mod Cabinetry, the vast majority of our clients engage with us in a respectful and considerate manner. However, on the rare occasion when interactions deviate from our standards of professionalism and civility, we are prepared to take steps to realign these engagements. Our approach is straightforward, fair and calibrated to the situation at hand.


Forward facing employees around the Nation are experiencing customer incivility. This impacts employee well-being, with statistics showing increased stress and potential job dissatisfaction. Employers nationwide adopt the Civility Code to enhance employee retention and foster a productive work environment. And that is good business. 

  • Rising Hostility: The Harvard Business Review reported that 76% of service workers experience incivility at least once a month.
  • Impact on Employee Well-Being: Research by the Workplace Mental Health Institute reveals that 60% of employees subjected to customer hostility suffer from increased stress, leading to lower job satisfaction and higher rates of absenteeism. Furthermore, 34% of these workers have considered quitting their jobs due to abusive customer interactions.

We, the Company

We commit to upholding the following principles to guarantee every customer receives top-notch service and a positive experience:

  1. Courtesy and Respect: Treat every customer kindly and respectfully. Listen actively and respond promptly to their needs.
  2. Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanor in all interactions. Stay calm and composed even in challenging situations.
  3. Efficiency and Responsiveness: Address inquiries and issues quickly and accurately. Provide timely solutions or alternatives.
  4. Clear Communication: Communicate clearly and effectively. Offer accurate information and set realistic expectations.
  5. Fairness: Resolve issues fairly and aim for reasonable outcomes
  6. Continuous Improvement: Gather customer feedback for service enhancement. Continuously learn and adapt to meet their needs.
  7. Commitment to Excellence: Deliver positive, memorable customer interactions. Uphold our company’s values and mission.
  8. Accountability: Take ownership of personal oversights.
  9. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with colleagues for seamless service. Share knowledge and support team efforts.
  10. Integrity: Uphold ethical standards and honesty. Ensure transparency in all customer interactions.