Standard Built in, Flush, Panel Ready, and Integrated appliances OH MY. With the vast landscape of appliances available on the market, many builders, designers, and homeowners find themselves a bit confused as to the terminology being thrown around by both manufacturers and various partners in the industry. Let us take you on a pictorial journey so you can make sense of the options and know how they affect your cabinetry design.


This is the most standard appliance type and can be found in a wide range or price points, from low to mid.

The appliances and handle will stand proud of the cabinets and are not inline or flush with the cabinetry.

Standard Depth French Door Refrigerator Kitchen Appliance Mountain High

flush mounted wall oven installed in kitchen


Flush inset appliance (not the handle) are flush with the cabinets.

If you’re going for a clean, minimal or luxurious look, incorporating flush appliances is a great option for you.

These appliance tend to be on the more expensive range with Bosch, Wolf, Miele, and Jenn-air being the most well known brands.

Cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and under counter refrigeration are the most common appliances that can be installed flush.

Flush inset is purely for design aesthetics, the appliances don’t perform any better or worse.

When doing a flush installation the cabinetry will have to be custom to accommodate the installation.

Because this option does require major modifications to the cabinets we offer this service with a Master Designer only.

Miele Appliances at K-Kitchen Co. Buffalo NY


Integrated appliances are a type of flush appliance. Integrated appliances blend in with your cabinetry using custom panels and hidden components.

At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the cabinets and appliances as refrigerator compressors are hidden and, in most cases, there are no large handles.

Cooking appliances cannot be integrated but for refrigeration and dishwashers, this achieves a simple, high-end look.

Because this option does require major modifications to the cabinets we offer this service with a Master Designer only.

Mod Cabinetry for Custom Kitchen Cabinetry


Panel ready dishwasher means  your dishwasher front matches your cabinetry for that built-in look.

Not all dishwashers can accept a panel so you do need to select a dishwasher model that is panel ready.

Because this option does require exact panel sizing we offer this service with a Master Designer only.

Custom Overlay Appliances