Remember to call us at 1-888-415-1663 for support select the right planner for your finish always save your design work measure twice!

1. Setting up your layout

You will learn how to start your design by adding room dimensions, doors, windows, bumpouts, and switches.

2. Adding Appliances

You will learn how to add appliances to your layout.

3. Adding base and wall cabinets

You will learn how to start adding base and wall cabinets to your layout. Including creating stacking wall cabinets.

4. Adding Trim Pieces

You will learn how to add essential trim pieces such as panels, scribe, crown molding and light rails.

5. Customizing Finishes

You will learn how to select your cabinetry finish as well as floors, walls and countertops. Plus, add decorative elements.

6. Double checking your work

You will learn how to set up the wireframes to get all the dimensions to double check your work.

7. Perspectives-Viewing inside cabinets

You will learn how to open and close cabinet doors and drawers to view the accessories, construction and casework.

8. Perspectives-Toggle between color rendering and wireframes

You will learn how to toggle between color renderings and wireframes.

9. Create 3D Virtual experience in your home

You will learn how to share a special link to your mobile device that will enable you to stand in your kitchen and move the device around for a 3D virtual experience of your new kitchen.

10. Sharing with other decision makers

You will learn how share your design with others to get feedback.

11. Using the Tool Tray

You will learn what features and functions are available in the tool tray located on the right of the planner.

12. Getting a quote

You will learn how to request a quote for your design.

$99 Handoff Plan

Custom Design Services

Once you are done with your design using the Mod Planner why not hand it off to us? For just $99 you get piece of mind with a professional kitchen designers review, plus necessary changes and additions as well as converting your design into our advanced rendering software.

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